The Environment & Sustainability

Long Term Commitment

Ace Office Environments has been delivering business supplies and furnishing offices for over 50 years and has always been at the forefront of cutting edge technology and caring for the planet. Ace holds both ISO 9001, a Quality Management System which gives organisations a systematic approach for meeting customer objectives and ISO 14001, an Environmental Management System which provides a system for measuring and improving an organisation's environmental impact. Both awards have been held since March 2012.


In 2011 Ace made a major commitment to the environment with an investment of a quarter of a million pounds in Solar Panels fitted to the roof of our warehouse in Bournemouth.

At the same time low energy lighting was installed throughout the building. Roll forward to 2019 and the low energy lighting is being converted to even lower energy LED lighting.

In 2018 we generated sufficient power to cover over 70% of our own requirements. With the introduction of LED lighting we expect to see that figure grow even higher. The balance of our electricity is from 100% renewable sources through Good Energy.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In the market sector in which Ace operate awareness of resources is vital because waste could become an issue if it was not carefully managed.

Cardboard boxes from incoming parcels are reused or shredded for use as infill packaging. Cardboard packaging from furniture installations is dealt with in the same way or returned to manufacturers for them to reuse.

Our excess cardboard and plastic is sent for recycling and our remaining waste is processed by a zero to landfill facility and has been for many years, long before it became fashionable or regulations were issued.

For over 20 years laser toners and ink cartridges have been collected by us and sent for recycling. Batteries, another product that can be a thorny issue when it comes to disposal, can be handed to our delivery drivers and the batteries are then collated and sent for recycling.

Water and Chemicals

The state of cloakrooms in public and commercial buildings has improved considerably over the years and for more than a decade Ace have had waterless urinals.

Not content with just saving water, during the same time frame, we have also been using and selling chemical free cleaning products.

A Habitat For Nature

Since 2001 we have been operating from Yeomans Way in Bournemouth. Roughly half our site borders a residential area. The boundary is planted with a substantial quantity of trees and shrubs which not only gives a green (in colour) appearance to the area but is also a positive step in helping the battle against climate change. Importantly it provides a home to a variety of wildlife.

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