Cafe & Bistro

Cafe and Canteen areas are no longer just a place to eat. Properly utilised, they provide an excellent multifunctional hub to be used throughout the day. Whether you are looking to use this space for eating, informal meetings or just relaxing, we have a wide range of chairs, tables, bench seating that will help you maximise this potential of this space.

Cafe and Dining Tables

Café and dining tables are simple yet elegant and offer a contemporary layer of style to any office breakout room or cafe area.

Designed to complement virtually any decor, our range of cafe and dining tables are available with circular, square, or rectangular tops in many sizes. You can also select from a wide range of base designs, edge finishes and wood finishes to allow you to create your perfect space.

Cafe and Dining Seating

Cafe and dining seating can serve many different purposes. Not all companies have formal canteens, but all organisations need to get people away from their desks.

Bistro style furniture provides the ideal solution for both informal dining areas within the office and dedicated cafeteria style facilities.

Looking for something more? Our furniture specialists are always happy to help find what you are looking for. Give us a call on 01202 240000

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