The average office worker spends more than 75,000 minutes in a seated position every year! Selecting the right chair affects comfort, productivity, and long-term well-being.

Diverse working spaces around the office requires diverse range of seating solutions. Whether it’s a task, executive, mesh, stacking chair or pods, our qualified specialists can guide you through the seating maze to ensure you choose the right specifications for each working area.

Buying Guide and Seating Functions Explained 

Are you sitting comfortably? Check out this quick buying guide to the functions available in a chair.

Selecting the right office chair doesn't have to be complicated. The key points to remember when choosing chairs are: how long chairs are being used for and what activity will the user be doing while using the chair. The right choice will boost productivity and reduce stress.

Fabric Task & Operator Seating

It's not uncommon for people to sit for 8 or 9 hours a day at their desks without regular breaks. It is imperative that office workers have a chair that is comfortable, improved productivity and offers great functionality when sat down for extended periods, but without having to compromise on style.

Fabric chairs offer a traditional look and feel to your workspace.

Mesh Back Task & Operator Seating

Mesh Back chairs offer a more contemporary appearance than their fabric counterparts.

Leather Executive and Manager Seating

Company executives are typically incredibly busy people that are required to work at their desk for prolonged periods.

Good executive seating needs to provide support to the whole body to work with as little discomfort as possible whilst, at the same time, playing a significant role in the decor of the office.

Conference and Meeting Seating

Conferences and meetings are an integral part of any business and the style of a conference room can leave a lasting impression on potential and existing clients.

Conference rooms and other meeting areas will benefit from a furnish that consists of high quality, stylish meeting room chairs to engage guests and employees.

Cafe and Dining Seating

Cafe and dining seating can serve many different purposes. Not all companies have formal canteens, but all organisations need to get people away from their desks.

Bistro style furniture provides the ideal solution for both informal dining areas within the office and dedicated cafeteria style facilities.

Reception and Soft Seating

An extensive range of fabrics and finishes can add style, colour, and interest to any office space by creating a relaxed and unique fully co-ordinated look, perfect for breakout spaces, working hot spots or in a reception area where visitors can rest in comfort.

Upholstered and leather reception seating helps to create relaxed working environments where people can go for some time away from their desk, meet and collaborate or bring their laptop with them to work away from the distractions of phones and colleagues.

Made To Order Seating

Contemporary office environments call for stylish design in every aspect of their specification. You can rely on our range of diverse seating families to offer you the ultimate in functionality, comfort, and durability.

By selecting different chair styles within a single seating family, you can be sure of great chair design and aesthetics whilst providing a consistent look and feel to your office environment. Add your own choice of fabrics and create your own unique office environment.

N.B. Made To Order Seating is not shown in our webshop due to the almost infinite range of possibilities. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and place an order.


Check out this handy guide to fabrics covering type, hazard rating, usage, and colour guide.

By selecting different chair styles within a single seating family, you can be sure of great chair design and aesthetics whilst providing a consistent look and feel to your office environment. Add your own choice of fabrics and create your own unique office environment.

Looking for something more? Our furniture specialists are always happy to help find what you are looking for. Give us a call on 01202 240000

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