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Ergonomics is simply the efficiency between people and their environment. The aim is to help you create an inspirational environment that is designed with a task-based approach, for the benefit of both employers and employees.

Our qualified ergonomics team will work along side you to create whole working environment that is functional, comfortable and productive. In return, this will maximise your staff’s enjoyment, efficiency, attendance and wellbeing.

Create a work environment that is functional, comfortable and productive
DSE Assessment

DSE Assessment

It would be nice to say one size or style fits all but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our communities and work spaces are populated with people of all sizes and shapes. Sometime we need to attend to specific individuals’ needs.

We spend a lot of time sitting at our desks every day, and while it may not look like it, it can wreak havoc with our bodies. Research shows that 85% of office staff experience varying levels of discomfort whilst working.

This discomfort can originate from inadequate seating, incorrect chair, desk or monitor height, keyboard placement even pre-existing medical conditions. Discomfort and pain quickly leads to task disengagement. Unless this is quickly addressed, the discomfort can quickly lead to permanent injury and increased absenteeism. 

The majority the above can be easily prevented by a Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment.

Our specialist DSE Team are qualified to assess the needs of your staff, whether that is preventative or corrective. We can increase the efficiency and comfort of your staff using their standard equipment. If required we can provide specialist corrective products including desk chairs, keyboards, mice, foot rests and other computer accessories, specially designed for upmost comfort and ease of use.

Can you safely say your office is ergonomically sound? Or, is your office free from anyone feeling discomfort at their work station?

If the answer is ‘no’ to either of these questions, do let us help you towards an environment that is not only going to address your teams wellbeing but is also functional, comfortable and productive. 


It is well documented that a well designed office space promotes productivity. By creating a work place that considers your staff’s wellbeing will not only attract the best talent, it will help you to keep them engaged, retain them for longer and indeed, attract new talent.

The history of office design is well-established: a lack of privacy led us to the cubicle age before we swung back towards more social space with the open plan era.

Now we’ve entered a new age that doesn’t really have a name yet but is heavily influenced by human and organisational psychology. This age is driven by a need for offices to suit the interpersonal requirements of the knowledge economy, like effective communication and collaboration.

There are ‘four C’s’ that people need to do at work, communication, collaboration, contemplation and concentration. Work places need to be designed so that employees can pick the right ‘zone’ for the task, rather than automatically go to their desk. Picking the right zone makes it less likely employees will have to battle their surroundings to get work done, for example by trying to concentrate in a noisy sales environment.

More offices are including quiet zones and places of sanctuary that are perfect for contemplation, a crucial part of the creative process.

There’s been an upward trend in ‘privacy pods’ in the workplace, stylised around themes. These are often soundproofed and include ethernet and power points, plus VoIP phones and more. They are perfect for concentration.

On the other side, more offices are including quiet zones and places of sanctuary that are perfect for contemplation, a crucial part of both the creative process and a chance to let the mind recuperate from the ‘frazzling’ nature of collaborative spaces.

“People want to feel a connection to the places where they work, where they can see themselves in the space, verses something that is imposed on them.” James Ludwig, Vice President, Global Design.

Well designed office space promotes productivity

At Ace, we are practitioners of creating high performance work spaces. How can we help you create your agile, collaborative and creative working space designed around the tasks your employees need to perform, promoting a healthier work environment?

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