Project Consultancy

You have invested significant resources in recruiting and training high performance staff. To ensure your returns are maximised let us help you provide them with the high performance work space that has been specifically designed to meet your needs.


New technologies are driving a major rethink of office interiors and office furniture design. Extensive research reveals how a well designed office positively impacts your bottom line, improves employees’ well being and task engagement as well as reducing absenteeism.


Our research-based approach enables us to create workplaces that meet the varying needs of modern work including the demands of integrating technology. It is increasingly recognised that workspaces are not a ‘one size fits all’ solution: our approach is based on providing different spaces that adapt to different work styles and different needs.

Ace’s specialist Projects Team are experts in listening to our client’s needs, understanding their working practices and collaboratively delivering effective and attractive solutions.

Here's how we work with you:

  • The Initial Meeting - we listen and learn about your organisation, the demands on your work space and your specific aspirations.
  • Space Planning - Armed with a full brief, will we recommend a comprehensive solution to your furniture and spatial requirements using CAD drawings that will help to achieve the best results for your work space today and tomorrow.
  • Showroom Visit - view and try out a wide range of furniture whilst choosing your concept colour and fabrics building your new concept by visiting our or supplier’s showrooms spread around the UK.
  • Design Visualisation - With the office plan, furniture & fabrics chosen we can create 3D concept images and 3D visualisation walk throughs to help you build a firm understanding of your new place of work.
  • Professional Installation – to minimise disruption to the operational needs of your business we agree a schedule around your requirements.
  • Customer Service – after installation, it doesn't stop there. Your dedicated project manager will ensure that all of your post installation needs are met.

So, whether you are planning the reorganisation of your existing premises, refurbishment of your current workspace, or relocation to new premises, we can help.

With your dedicated Ace Project Team, you can be reassured that from initial concepts, through design, manufacture, shipment and installation, every aspect of your project’s performance will be closely monitored until we are sure that we have satisfied both your brief and our own very high quality criteria ensuring an on time and on budget result.

Space Planning - When businesses are trying to cut down costs and increase productivity spatial planning is often overlooked. Our spatial planning team and can help find these efficiencies and ensure that your office footprint is maximising your returns.

To start with, a dedicated Project Manager will meet with you to learn about your aspirations and visit your site. Based on your brief, our spatial planning experts will start their work, taking into consideration a vast array of factors including how individuals and departments interact with each other, break out areas, storage solutions and compliance to fire, health and safety.

Using the latest AutoCAD technology, we will develop a number of solutions for you, producing 2D drawing and 3D renderings that will make it easier for you to visualise the proposed solution.

Once approved, our installation team will take over delivery and installation of your new and cost effective office ensuring minimal disruption for your team. All you will need to do is move in and relax in the knowledge your office is set up to maximise the return on your office space. 

So, if you are planning to add to your current staffing levels, expending into the building next door or all set for a complete relocation, we are here to help.

Our Space Planning Service has benefited many offices throughout the years. Here is just one example for you below.

Case Study

An established Aerospace company approached ACE to explore options to increase headcount whilst using only the current available space. They had not so long ago moved premises and had quickly reached capacity in each area, even allowing for additional spaces. Not wanting to repeat the expense and disruption of relocation again they needed a great alternative.

The issue, as they saw it, was that their 60 strong aircraft engineers required large corner desks to accommodate laying out large plans and blueprints. But the maximum saturation they had been able to achieve in the available area was 60 desks.

ACE use the most up to date computer aided design techniques to create accurate, detailed room plans and 3D visualisations. The 2D plans enable optimum floor planning, vital for maximising resources. 3D visualisations allow customers to fully appreciate the end result using multiple product specifications on architect’s scale drawings. As customers can see proposed options, including different fabrics & finishes, they get the full experience and can easily visualise the final result. This prevents costly mistakes on larger projects.

Dave, CAD designer at ACE set up the current floor plan and explored options using it’s floor plan service. Ultimately he hit upon the perfect solution; to replace the 1600mm corner desks with even bigger 1800 bench desks. These were not only much more suitable for accommodating laying out large paper plans but also allowed an increase in desk placements. The 200mm bigger desks enabled the Aerospace company to increase it’s engineer headcount from 154 to 194 whilst giving each engineer more desk space and ensuring they had adequate storage facilities.

Our strength is being able to offer multiple layout options using a variety of products that maximises the potential of any space.” Commented Martin Hockey, Manager - Ergonomics, Furniture & Interiors at ACE. We were delighted to be able offer the perfect solution. We provided our customer with the ability to increase head count by 25% with larger desks and suitable storage for its engineers, it’s a win-win!”

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