Cleaning & Hygiene

Clean and Healthy.  It’s as simple as that. Or is it?

As long as the washroom has toilet roll and the rest of the place is clean(ish) everything’s ok and we can get on with the rest of our work.

Once upon a time that approach may have been sufficient but today an attractive and healthy environment makes business sense, bringing productivity up and sick leave down. In a world where competition for the best and brightest is fiercer than ever a sustainable, hygienic and likeable environment is crucial to attract talent.

New idea and attitudes to work mean that our workplaces are changing. Employees are becoming increasing lifestyle-conscious and our offices are more than just a place to get the work done. A growing number of workplaces now incorporate facilities - café, gym, showers or nursery - that would once have been the preserve of our private life. At the same time more of us are working remotely from home and other likeable places.

Ensuring your workplace is clean and attractive is more important than ever. Nobody wants employees avoiding it because of hygiene or other factors.

Even that’s not enough

People are becoming more aware of their lifestyles wanting them to be healthy and sustainable. At the same time they are more conscious of their office environment and want to know that sustainability and environmental concerns are being considered there too.

As part of our commitment to the environment we offer a range of chemical free cleaning products and are proud to support with a donation for each pack of selected toilet rolls we sell. A small change is all it needs to make a difference to more than just your own workplace.

And then there’s hot desking and flexible spaces

According to a recent study by Tork, over half of workers globally often worry about getting infected by colleagues going to work then they are sick. With the increase of hot desking and flexible spaces that mean people changing their workspace on a daily basis it’s vital to provide solutions that allow employees to clean keyboards and other shared equipment.

So whether you are a Call Centre, Warehouse, Manufacturer, Care Home, Leisure Centre or Silver Service Restaurant you can be sure that with our range including everything from toilet tissue, paper hand towels and wiper rolls to hand wash, skincare, cleaning chemicals, gloves, bin bags, mops and buckets we have everything you need to ensure that your environment is one that people know is clean and healthy.

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