Personal Protective Equipment

Stay safe.

Choosing the right P.P.E. (Personal Protective Equipment) is a vital part of managing Health and Safety in your workplace. The right selection allows your workers to stay focussed on their primary task, safe in the knowledge that their workwear and PPE assures them of protection against whatever their working day throws at them.

Head to Toe.

Whatever your environment we’ve got you covered, from freezing temperatures to the dangers of oil and gas facilities. Our comprehensive range of PPE includes High Visibility, Flame Retardant, Low-temperature and Waterproof Clothing, Gloves, Helmets, Goggles, Ear Defenders and Respirators. Our safety footwear range includes Clogs, Shoes, Trainers, Boots, Wellingtons, and Waders. Combined with First Aid Supplies, including Defibrillators, and a vast range of Health & Safety Signs you can be sure of a totally comprehensive PPE solution designed to keep your staff safe whatever their requirement.

Low and Sub-Zero Temperatures.

For those working in extreme environments, Flexitog leads the field in practical, comfortable low-temperature workwear.  They design innovative, practical garments that can stand up to the most demanding sub-zero work environments. Light, flexible and comfortable clothing means your team can work more easily for longer periods, improving business performance.

Electric ARC.

When it comes to electricity the risk level is extremely high. The Click Arc range is designed to provide protection from ARC Flash explosions and be comfortable for every day wear. The whole garment is tested to the latest EN standards (rather than just the fabric) and accreditation under Article 11B confirms that the manufacturer is capable of consistent production. All in all the Click Arc range is a solution to a high risk that you can be confident in.

No such thing as uni-sex footwear.

Studies show that the bone structure of a typical women’s foot tends to be shorter and narrower than that of a man, the Achilles heel is also different between men and women. Put simply, there is a problem with women wearing men’s footwear! Whether you’re male or female ill-fitting, uncomfortable and inappropriate PPE not only prevents you from doing your job, but also carries significant health and safety issues. Specialist footwear manufacturer V12 worked closely with Transport for London (TfL) to develop specific women’s safety footwear, identifying the needs and requirements and then trialling the concepts along a two year journey. The result is footwear built with an optimum fit to the female foot shape. Making sure all your staff have the right choice of footwear for their environment is part of our commitment to helping you provide a safe and productive workplace.

Serious Safety. Ultimate Protection.

Heat and Flame, Electrostatic - ESD, Electric ARC, Eye Protection, Impact, Noise, Chemical, Nuclear, Respiratory, Extreme Hot Weather, Extreme Cold Weather, Visibility, Slip and Falls From Height. Whatever safety hazards you need to avoid you can be confident that our ranges will provide for the needs of your workers.

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