Site Safety & Premises Management

Managing any site or business facility can be a complex undertaking. Whilst there is the Health & Safety legislation to comply with you also have to consider the appearance of your facilities to ensure they inspire your customers, motivate your staff and, of course, are safe and productive.

Our extensive range will help you ensure legal compliance, control costs and create an environment that reflects the personality of your organisation.

Information Display

Whether it’s a permanent or temporary display our range of Literature Racks, Whiteboards, Noticeboards, Poster Cases and Display Systems will help you ensure your staff and visitors can see the information they need.

Traffic Management

Grit Bins & Salt for the winter months. Traffic Cones to guide vehicles and Barrier Systems for pedestrians. We can help you ensure that your traffic ends up where you want it to!

Bike Racks, Cycle and Smoking Shelters will help your staff to feel valued as you protect them from the elements. Throw in some Rubbish & Recycling Bins and they may even help you to keep your site clean and tidy.

Mail Room, Workshop & Warehouse

So you need a workbench or packing bench, have you considered how much more productive your personnel could be if you also provided anti-fatigue matting? Would it be safer if they had anti-slip, anti-static or electrical safety matting?


Knowing how to pack what can be an art in itself. However creative you need to get our extensive range of packaging materials will help you ensure your goods arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Bubble Wrap, Loose Fill, Corrugated Rolls, Mailing Pouches, Padded Envelopes, Polythene Envelopes, Boxes, Grip Seal Bags or Pallet Wrap you can be sure we have it all and if you need the machinery for processing paper infill rolls we help with that too.

Shelving & Storage

Short term or long term storage. Easy access or high security. We can help solve your storage needs. Archive Storage Boxes, Plastic Bins & Stacking Containers, Shelving and Racking. Large or small there is a solution.

Security Cages and Hazardous Substance Storage Cabinets allow you to restrict access to only those that need it. And our Spill Control solutions are there to make sure that when the worst happens you can respond quickly and keep your environment safe.

For valuable items Security Cupboards, Fireproof Safes, Key Cabinets and Lockers will help you prevent unauthorised access and keep your valuables secure.

Handling & Lifting Equipment

When it’s heavy or awkward to lift or carry the right piece of equipment can make all the difference. Our range of Sack Trucks, Pallet Trucks, Platform Trucks and Trolleys will help you avoid the strains and injuries that all too often occur when we fail to lift and carry things correctly.

Steps & Ladders

Whatever form your access equipment needs to take from Kick Steps and Telescopic Ladders to Wheeled Access Platforms it is all too easy to forget that regular safety inspections are an essential part of ensuring the safety of your workforce. To complement our range of steps and ladders we also supply wallcharts, tags and registers to help you comply with your health & safety obligations.

Lightbulbs & Lamps

Whether your premises are new-build or a listed building you can be sure that you will need a wide range of bulbs and lamps to keep them properly lit.

Incandescent, Fluorescent, Halogen and H.I.D. lamps are all included in our range. However with ever increasing energy costs and growing environmental concerns now is a great time to consider how energy efficient your light sources are. Our range of LED lamps offer you the benefits of extended lamp life, low running costs and reduced maintenance. Retrofitting LED lamps is a simple way of reducing your costs and helping to protect the environment.

Lamp Recycling

Recycling your old lamps in an environmentally friendly way needn’t be a burden. For most day to day requirements you can probably find a free service local to you.

If you generate a larger quantity or have a large scale project we can provide you with a full solution for the safe storage, transport and treatment of your waste lamps including fluorescent tubes, sodium lamps through to LED lamps. If your project involves re-lamping we can also provide recycling services for the luminaires (light fittings) and any emergency lighting batteries. Our service provider will work with you throughout the process to ensure that all legal and environmental legislations are met, removing risk and hassle for you.

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